Buying a Storage Room for Fun and Profit
Just like in Storage Wars

Free practical guide based on  
20 years of buying storage rooms

Step One: Why are you buying?

Step Two: How are you going to move the room?

Step Three: How to find a storage room to buy

Step Four: The Auction

Step Five: Picking a room to bid on

Step Six: How much should you bid?

Step Seven: Getting rid of what you have bought; trash and recycling

Step Eight: Sorting your new found treasures

Step Nine: Selling your new found treasures

Step Ten: Taxes & Reseller Certificates

Step Eleven: What do you do with personal items? What do you do with illegal or contraband items?

Step Twelve: Keeping an eye on personal safety, and reducing your physical labor 

Step Thirteen: Occupational Hazards

Step Fourteen: Enjoy yourself!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions